Live Instagram Printing!

Instant • Hashtag • Engagement

HOW?! Three steps only: SNAP • HASHTAG • SHARE, and its automatically printed - it's that simple. Everyone loves to share on social media especially when its about something awesome like their wedding, parties, food and even events! We got just the thing for you, live instagram printing just to feed your social media cravings with customisable/multiple hashtag options, live-feed, and to top it of - unlimited prints!

  • Standalone Wireless Design
  • Over The Air Controls
  • Live-Feed Display
  • Customisable Gamification
  • Live Monitoring & Analysis Report
  • Multiple Hashtag System
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Rose so hip! HASHTAG THAT!


Insta-what? Hash-what?

We put the power of instagram social media in your event! boosting branding to products, you name it and we can customise it. Too many selfies are going on in your event, don't let it go to waste and we can help you generate the proper social media traffic through our live instagram printing service- ROSE! Control your event by using the WOWGRAM'S propietary wireless (OTA) live-monitoring, data-analysis and digital-report, ensuring that you have all the necessary tools to boost your social presence!


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